Téma: Back and forth two consecutive feet

Back and forth two consecutive feet or in order to increase the ball out,and then can be a good return is R2 + short pass,this is a new combination of keys.It means that I pass the ball out,and then I will go to a comfortable location to buy fifa 17 coins player I just passed the ball that player.That is where I am passing A Then you now control the B ... and then A will go to the comfortable position of the collusion,this contact is AI always ready to catch the AI.So the error rate is very low.

We usually in real football,see the back and forth between the two players back and forth,rather than doing two more.Not far from the distance,but the opponent can not grab, because the grab can not.Just walk the monkey.Small space is also very difficult to grab.

Accelerate + short buy cheap fifa 17 coins pass This is an epoch-making new directive.There are not many people,this command can play a variety of such as Messi Alves such a road hit the wall.You can also play Ha Wei Yi Nai Nieshe Tu Si Si iron triangle between the pops.BY futshop.net here now.. come to our center for more fifa fun and fifa coins!